Oz + Mother of All Book Tests (PE)

Oz + Mother of All Book Tests (PE)

Oz + Mother of All Book Tests (PE)

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This set includes The Wonderful Wizard of Oz + Mother of All Book Tests (pocket edition) by Ted Karmilovich


Oz features the core method featured in all of the Zandman Book Test titles: Instantly know the word someone is thinking of without ever even seeing their word!


  • Nothing to memorize
  • No questions asked
  • Nothing is written down
  • Completely examinable



Oz works along side the Mother of All Book Tests (pocket edition) by Ted Karmilovich. No matter where your spectator stops you as you rifle through the pages of Oz, you will know the first word on the same page number and the first long word on both open pages in MOABT!


For over 15 years, many of the world's most talented magicians and mentalists have included Zandman's Book Tests in their shows and performances. Take your performance to the next level with this extremely clean, easy-to-perform book test that is sure to blow your audience's minds!

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