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The Jedi Book Test

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Star Wars Book Test
Millennium Flashback
Tossed Out Wookiee
Jedi Page

Based on the classic War of the Worlds, "The Jedi Book Test" is packed with all the Series 3 features! But the best part, is that it works with the real paperback Star Wars books!!

Star Wars Book Test:
Instantly know multiple words on every page in A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. The real paperback books (sold separately).

Millennium Flashback:
Instantly know the first word on any page without ever seeing the word! Nothing to memorize, no guessing or misses.

Tossed Out Wookiee:
The classic Tossed Out Deck, but with a book. Five spectators each choose a word and you instantly know their words!

Jedi Page:
A built-in version of the classic Pegasus Page that happens in your spectator's hands from beginning to end!

Star Wars IV, V and VI purchase links and ISBN:

A New Hope (ISBN-10‎ 0345341465)
The Empire Strikes Back (ISBN-10‎ 0345320220)
The Return of the Jedi (ISBN-10‎ 0345307674)

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