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One of the most iconic films ever made is now a book test!

Super Flashback:
Instantly know the first word on any page without ever seeing the word! Nothing to memorize, no guessing or misses.

Pegasus Page:
A built-in version of the classic Pegasus Page that happens in your spectator's hands from beginning to end!

Holy Grail Page:
One page of holy grail words taken from the best selling book test, Unseen! Your spectator chooses any word on the page, reads the sentence to themselves, and you instantly know their word! No questions, fishing, or misses.

Reverse Book Test:
A spectator stops you on ANY page in ANY book and you will know a word on the same page in Jaws!

Tossed Out Book:
The classic Tossed Out Deck, but with a book. Five spectators each choose a word and you know their words!

Size: 4.25 x 7
Pages: 225

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