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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

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Super Flashback +
Instantly know the first word on any page without ever seeing the word! Also, Alice lets you instantly know a chosen word in Peter Pan and Jungle Book! Nothing to memorize, no guessing or misses.

The LLW Principle
Instantly reveal a chosen word, an image, a scene, or multiple words someone is thinking of without ever touching the book! You never ask any questions, there is nothing written down, no need to fish for information, no misses, and best of all, it's performed completely in the spectator's hands from beginning to end!

Once they LOOK, you instantly know the picture and word(s) they chose!

Call of the Wild:
Compatible with the Call of the Wild force book. Wherever your spectator opens up to in Call of the Wild, you will know a word on the same page number in Alice. You never know the page number and no misses.


"Genuine innovations in a book test are rarer than a Cheshire cat, and yet Josh Zandman's new Alice Book Test is easy to use and offers surprises that will make you grin from ear to ear!" 
- Brett Barry

"The best part about performing magic is when it happens completely in the spectator's hands. Alice allows you to read someone's mind under the fairest conditions. Not only are you not fishing for letters or asking any questions, but you are not even touching the book. The spectator holds onto it from start to finish and you still know exactly which word they are thinking of. It's brilliant!" 
-Michael O'Brien 

"Josh has created the HOLY GRAIL of Book Tests! I am amazed at the multi layers of methods in the new Alice (Zandman) Book Test. This book is POWERFUL enough for a professional stage/parlor performer, yet simple enough for the beginner doing one on one for family and friends!" 
- Mark Call 

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