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Series 2 Bundle

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Complete 4 Book Set



Peter Pan, Jungle Book, and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland each have the Super Flashback method where you instantly know the first word on any page without ever seeing the word. Nothing to memorize and you never ask a single question.

Bonus Effect 1:

Excluding Call of the Wild, all 3 books work seamlessly together. Whichever book you hold, you will instantly know the chosen words in the other 2 books!

Bonus Effect 2:

Call of the Wild will let you instantly know a chosen word from the first sentence in any of the other 3 books. 100% hands off with no questions asked and you don't need to know the page number! ** Does not include the Super Flashback method.

Bonus Effect 3:

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland lets you instantly know the chosen word from the first sentence and picture without ever touching the book. You don't ask any questions, there is nothing written down, no need to fish for information, and best of all, it can be performed completely in the spectator's hands! This is a brand new principle and game changing method!

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