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One of the most beloved and recognizable stories in history is now available as a book test! This is an exclusive title and only buyers will know the cover design.

** Image shown is not the book cover **

The LLW Principle:

Instantly reveal a chosen word, an image, a scene, or multiple words someone is thinking of without ever touching the book! You never ask any questions, there is nothing written down, no need to fish for information, no misses, and best of all, it's performed completely in the spectator's hands from beginning to end! This is an enhanced version of the method used in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Super Flashback:
Instantly know the first word on any page without ever seeing the word! Nothing to memorize, no guessing or misses.

Tossed Out Book:
The classic Tossed Out Deck, but with a book. Five spectators each choose a word and you instantly know their words!

Reverse Book Test:
A spectator stops you on ANY page in ANY book and you will know a word on the same page in Narnia!

Call of the Wild:
Compatible with the Call of the Wild force book. Wherever your spectator opens up to in Call of the Wild, you will know a word on the same page number in Narnia. You never know the page number and no misses. A brand new principle to know your spectator's chosen word!

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