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The Wizardly Book Test

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Harry Potter Book Test
Adapted Flashback
Tossed Out Book
Pegasus Page

Based on the classic Grimm's Fairy Tales, "The Wizardly Book Test" is packed with all the Series 3 features! And the best part ... it works with real Harry Potter books!!

Harry Potter Book Test:
Instantly know multiple words and images on every page in the first 3 Illustrated Harry Potter books! You can use one, two, or all three books.

Super Flashback:
Instantly know the first word on any page without ever seeing the word! Nothing to memorize, no guessing or misses.

Tossed Out Book:
The classic Tossed Out Deck, but with a book. Five spectators each choose a word and you know their words!

Pegasus Page:
A built-in version of the classic Pegasus Page that happens in your spectator's hands from beginning to end!

Your purchase includes the Grimm's Fairy Tales book with the Super Flashback, Tossed Out Book, and Pegasus Page features included. The Harry Potter effect requires you to own at least one of the first three illustrated, hardcover versions of the Harry Potter books.

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