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Time Machine

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A built-in version of the classic Pegasus Page that happens
 in your spectator's hands  from beginning to end!

With the book in her hands, she remembers the page number she stopped at and thinks of a word on the page before closing the book.

After sharing a fun little time travel theory, your spectator opens the book to the same page only to find it's been ripped out and sealed in an envelope that you gave to her before you even handed her the book!

And not only does the page match perfectly from where it was torn, but the word she was only thinking of is circled. 

Includes the core method featured in all of the Zandman Book Test titles: Instantly know the word someone is thinking of without ever even seeing their word!

  • Nothing to memorize
  • No questions asked
  • Nothing is written down
  • Completely examinable
Works with Gatsby, Sherlock, Scarlet, and Christmas Carol (Does not work with Alice). No matter where your spectator stops you as you rifle through the pages of Time Machine, you will know the first word on the same page number in any of these 4 other titles!
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